Not just ducks

Yes, they are ducks … but how many different species have been photographed here?


Ducks over Cairn Curran, 19th December 2014.

There are actually three species – thirteen Grey Teal, three Hardheads and three Pink-eared Ducks! It wasn’t until I examined the photograph at home on the computer that the diversity of the flock was revealed. The Hardheads can be identified by the white trailing edge to the wings, while the ‘Pinkies’ have that distinctive bill shape.


Three Hardheads at centre bottom with a Pink-eared Duck above – the remainder are Grey Teal.

The birds were about 150 metres away and I’d falsely assumed they were all Grey Teal at first … it pays to have a closer look!


Two Pink-eared Ducks below with Grey Teal.

3 responses to “Not just ducks

  1. Thank you for describing how to tell one flying duck from another

  2. The second photo with the Duck (grey teal I think?) second from the bottom is in the classic flying ceramic wall duck pose. 🙂

  3. Geoff I think you are providing another good piece of evidence to ban the duck shooting season!!

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