Colours of summer

Pink and grey colours are a classic summer combination around Newstead, especially over the plains country to the west.

Galahs are extraordinarily beautiful birds – somewhat maligned on account of their abundance and incessant shrieking calls. The sight of them wheeling over stubble as dusk approaches however, is a gentle reminder to appreciate their constant presence.


Galahs on the Moolort Plains, 18th December 2014.


Xmas decorations!


Galah family – male at top, female below and a youngster tucked in between.


7 responses to “Colours of summer

  1. Geoff, how many chicks normally leave the nest? Any idea how they ultimately find their lifelong mate? Is there a selection process?


    • Hi Bruce
      Galahs usually have between 2 and 5 eggs – fledging more than two youngsters is pretty unusual. They are monogamous but the intricacies of selecting a partner are a mystery to me.
      All the best for 2015
      Cheers, geoff

  2. We have between 40-60 here at the moment depending on the day, and I love the feeding noises high up in our grey box trees as the young demand, and then get food from the adults. Then the wheeling around the trees in the wind of the past few days …fabulous !

  3. marvellous shots of the galahs. They look like blossom in the tree print.

  4. Great family outing. The tree appears to be in blossom. Marvellous images.

  5. We had a similar tree that was a regular perching spot for galahs, two nights ago there were over 25 in it. Yesterday unfortunately Powercore contractors arrived and took the top of the dead branches off. A real loss for us.

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