Back at the box leaf

by Patrick Kavanagh

I ventured to the Long-leafed Box in our back yard the other night to see how the strange nymphs I’d posted last week were faring. Sure enough, both Lygaeid and Cicadellid (leafhopper) nymphs had progressed to the next instar (stage after moulting). I note that both on Flickr and there is some dissent about the identity of the Lygaeid nymph – Mirid bug or Assassin bug have also been suggested.

Leafhopper nymph_14-12-11_2 crop

Leafhopper nymph, Strangways, 11th December 2014.

Lygaeid bug nymph_14-12-11_2

Lygaeid bug nymph

Lygaeid bug nymph_14-12-11_6 crop

Lygaeid bug nymph

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