Life on a box leaf

by Patrick Kavanagh

Venturing a few metres from the back door to a sprig of juvenile Long-leafed Box last night I was delighted by some of the strange and wonderful tiny creatures on a single branch. I wasn’t quite sure whether I’d been visited by aliens.

Leafhopper nymph_14-12-07_15 crop

Leafhopper nymph – Cicadellidae

Lygaeid bug nymph_14-12-07_2 crop

Lygaeid Bug nypmhs

Lygaeid bug nymph_14-12-07_10


Lygaeid bug nymph_14-12-08_4 crop


Red Velvet Mite_14-12-07_3 crop

Red Velvet Mite – order Trombidiformes

Thanks to Museum Victoria’s for help with identification.

7 responses to “Life on a box leaf

  1. stunning photos as usual

  2. Fascinating, and great shots too.

  3. lynette amaterstein

    Great shots Geoff.
    I was digging up my garden a week ago and I think I dug up a yabby.

  4. Excellent pic’s Patrick, very difficult subjects but excellent results and an interesting subject. THanks

  5. These are great images!
    Just wondering if they were taken solely with a macro lens/function, or if there was some form of magnification involved.

  6. Thanks Carolyn! They were taken with a Canon MP-E65 macro lens. Most SLR macro lenses get up to 1:1 magnification, this lens goes up to 5:1. These were at about 2.5:1, so quite a bit more magnifying power than a usual macro lens. A normal macro lens with an extension tube set will go to 1.7:1

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