It depends on the angle

Crested Pigeons are not the most spectacular bird going around, but they do have a certain charm.

Their quirky movements and general demeanour, always looking a bit dopey and surprised in my humble opinion, are enhanced by the beautiful speculum feathers on the wings. Depending on the angle of the light the speculum is a dazzling combination of violet, blue and green, contrasting with the pastel greys and pinks on the remainder of the bird.


Crested Pigeon, Newstead Cemetery, 8th December 2014.









4 responses to “It depends on the angle

  1. I think this plumage is what is known as elegant very understated chic. As you say its all in the angle of the eye of the the really key element of the outfit is the wonderful leg colour! Very Parisian. Cheers Moira

  2. lynette amaterstein

    I love watching them strut around … very purposeful.
    Thanks Geoff.

  3. These birds were one of my favourite birds when I lived in Queensland, and I was sorry to leave them when I moved to Victoria. Imagine my delight when their range extension reached Melbourne in the late 90’s! Beautiful pics!

  4. To me they look a bit like some of the characters in a Leunig carton. Is it Mr Curly?

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