Comings and goings

Watching Rainbow Bee-eaters is a pre-Xmas treat. The birds are incubating at the moment, so the comings and goings are a less frenetic than will be the case in a week or two.


Female Rainbow Bee-eater arriving at the nesting tunnel, Newstead Cemetery, 8th December 2014.


Note the short tail streamers.


A quick peek to make sure the coast is clear.


Moments before take-off.

3 responses to “Comings and goings

  1. I can watch rainbow bee-eaters for hours, so lovely. Really excellent photos! 😀

  2. Fantastic photos Geoff, as always my daily hit! I asked about these birds up here in Alice as they live here before they head down to you, and they are “death” birds, announcers of someone’s death. So not popular, but still so beautiful.

  3. Thanks Geoff, great photos. Two years ago as we fished on the Murray River we observed dozens of Bee Eaters nesting (coming and Going) in the banks of the river. Just magic.


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