Natural puzzle #17

There are two species of bird in this photograph, taken where the Loddon River passes into Cairn Curran Reservoir.

One is a common resident, the other an unusual visitor – what do you think?


This is the best I could manage, but the silhouettes are unmistakable.


The Loddon River – just upstream of the delta at the south-east margin of Cairn Curran.

It’s a magic spot and a great place to watch Long-necked Tortoise, Rakali and even the odd Platypus.

7 responses to “Natural puzzle #17

  1. I’m probably dreaming, but is it a swift, that comes with storms? No, I think I’m dreaming – haven’t got a clue.

  2. Dollarbird

  3. Well done Kate – Dollarbird it is!
    Cheers, geoff

  4. Hi Mary – not a swift, but a Dollarbird – but well worth looking out for both Spine-tailed and Fork-tailed Swifts over summer.
    All the best, geoff

  5. I think it is a Dollarbird in the tree that is the unusual visitor. Other birds are white backed swallows?

  6. Oops – Sorry, you were too quick for me. I must refresh page before posting next time!

  7. Dollar Bird – we haven’t seen a single one this year, normally several nest in our local woodland

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