Making fishing look easy

Being such a terrible fisherman I have great admiration for those that seem to make this difficult task look easy. None more so than this Caspian Tern, one of a small party fishing last evening at Cairn Curran. The birds would float on wide circles before pausing, hovering and then closing their wings to form a projectile that then descended on an unwary fish. It was quite awesome to watch.


Caspian Tern at the top of its dive, Lake Cairn Curran, 29th November 2014.









3 responses to “Making fishing look easy

  1. saide of sandon

    Superb photos Geoff,
    Flights like that are indeed memorable.
    Am wondering whether your Caspian Tern got the fish?
    Regards and thanks for sharing this.

    • Hi Saide – they seemed to be successful on about half their dives while I watched on. Not a bad success rate!
      Cheers, geoff

  2. Brilliant sequence of shots. What amazing eyesight Caspian Terns have!

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