Drying times

Lake Cairn Curran is dropping fast and I sense we are dipping back into another dry time. The lake is down to 54% (79,666ML) compared with the same time last year when it was at 83%.


Australian Pelicans, Australian Shelducks, Great Cormorants and Grey Teal roosting near Captain’s Gully, 23rd November 2014.


Yellow-billed Spoonbills at Joyce’s Creek.

Cormorants and Darters are common on the lake, especially Little Black, Little Pied and Great Cormorants. Pied Cormorants, three pictured below with some Darters and Black Cormorants are less common visitors. My records are sketchy but I can’t recall seeing them over recent months.


Darters, Great and Pied Cormorants near Captain’s Gully at Cairn Curran, 23rd November 2014.


Pied Cormorant in flight over Cairn Curran.

3 responses to “Drying times

  1. Heather Freemantle

    I look forward to your wonderful, daily photos and comments.
    Good to see the water birds are still around.

  2. I have hardly ever seen the Pied Cormorant inland. More common near the coast, I believe?

    • Yes Geoff, I agree – very few records at Cairn Curran so not sure what has prompted these ones to turn up. It’s a big place though and perhaps they’ve been there all along.
      Cheers, geoff

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