Old friends

A little while back Frankie alerted me to the rediscovery of the ‘Newstead Natives Frogmouths’.

Late in the winter they were busy lining last year’s nest, preparing to breed again in the same site as 2013. Then, they just disappeared, only to happily reappear a little further up the hill at Alan’s! It’s lovely to see these local favourites again.


Tawny Frogmouths near Newstead Natives, 16th November 2014.


One of the youngsters is quite a bit larger than the other.


Pretty cute!


Classic frogmouth poses.


The female alone … but not far away.


4 responses to “Old friends

  1. Young Frogmouths ARE special. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. How sweet they are!

  3. Geoff, Can you make, or know someone who can turn the top photo with baby in the middle into a card or postcard? I would certainly buy them and the cards could become a fundraiser for some worthy cause?

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