A meeting with the Muscle Men

by Patrick Kavanagh

As I was walking through our bush yesterday, I noticed quite a few ants moving around on some new shoots on a fallen Grey Box tree. Thanks to Alex Wild’s presentation in July, I recognised them as Muscle Man Tree Ants Podomyrma adelaidae by the two yellow marks on their abdomens. As I started photographing them, I noticed that many of them seemed to be very carefully tending numerous small leafhopper nymphs some of which seemed to have just moulted. The ants were touching them all over their backs and wings and seemed occasionally to carry them around, although the nymphs were pretty quick little movers under their own steam. I assume that the ants were getting some nutritious substance off the nymphs, or would at some stage. Perhaps the ants were grooming the nymphs. Alex’s excellent website has images of these ants in symbiotic relationships with caterpillars, getting sweet fluid off the caterpillars and removing parasites.

Muscleman Tree Ant with nymphs_14-11-15_12 crop

Muscleman Tree Ant , Strangways, 15th November 2014.

Muscleman Tree Ant with nymphs_14-11-15_26 crop


Muscleman Tree Ant with nymphs_14-11-15_20 crop


Muscleman Tree Ant with nymphs_14-11-15_48 crop


Muscleman Tree Ant with nymphs_14-11-15_52 crop


Muscleman-Tree-Ant-with-nymphs_14-11-15_49-crop (1)



3 responses to “A meeting with the Muscle Men

  1. Wow! Great photos Patrick. When is the macro photography workshop?

  2. Thanks Chris!

  3. From Kate Sandiford
    Delicious nutritious honeydew! Alex’s colleague Piotr Naskrecki has recently written about the relationship between ants and tree/leafhoppers on his nature blog: http://thesmallermajority.com/2014/11/01/treehoppers/

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