Three again!

It’s a busy time at the Nankeen Kestrels nest. Only late yesterday was I able to confirm the number of nestlings, after having been unable to squeeze in a visit for the last ten days or so. I’m delighted to report that, again this season, there are three apparently healthy youngsters approaching fledging.


Nankeen Kestrel nestlings, Moolort Plains, 15th November 2014.


The male arriving at the hollow with what looks like a small snake.


The male kestrel has a grey crown and pale (rather than chestnut) tail.


Meal delivered … off again!






7 responses to “Three again!

  1. Hi Geoff, thankyou for this sequence I reckon these are your best photos this year especially as the bird seems to be looking directly at you as it departs the nest,
    Would every chick had a piece of the snake? Or would there have been one lucky one?

    • Hi Jo – hope all is well in the NE. It would have been interesting to see the scramble between the chicks for a bit of the snake … think dinner time with the kids!
      Cheers, geoff

  2. Great to see three chicks and great photos Geoff!

  3. Such beautiful photos. Those open mouths are stunning. Did you have to wait ages to get this?

  4. Hi Geoff,
    I, too, thought that these photographs were your most stunning for this year. They tell a story in close sequence and with such clarity.

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