A good tern #1

I’m still catching up from last weekend’s visit to Cairn Curran. Friday evening, 7th November, was warm and still and the birds seemed more relaxed than usual. These Caspian Terns were resting along the shoreline, seven in total – including breeding and non-breeding plumaged individuals. Nearby were a similar number of Whiskered Marsh Terns – more on them later.


Caspian Terns at Cairn Curran, 7th November 2014, with bird in non-breeding plumage at front.




Five of the seven.


Watching terns at the beach.


Always a challenge to catch in flight.

One response to “A good tern #1

  1. lynette amaterstein

    Brilliant photos Geoff. Their colours are great. Thankyou.

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