Eagle update

A fortnight has passed since I reported on progress with one of our local Wedge-tailed Eagle nests.


Wedge-tailed Eagle chicks, Newstead area, 10th November 2014.

Since then the chicks have largely shed their white, downy appearance and now are starting to assume the garb of their parents. According to this note from Birdlife,

“Survival rates of the chicks vary considerably depending on local conditions, including prey abundance and the amount of disturbance. A breeding pair usually rears only one young per clutch, although in a good year, two chicks may fledge in some nests. Because of the differences in size, the oldest and largest chick has the best chance of surviving. If food is scarce, it will kill and eat its smaller nest mates.”


Taking a stretch!

The nestling period is approximately 10 -12 weeks – I suspect these youngsters are slightly more than half way to fledging.


Both chicks are of similar size – it would wonderful to see both fledge successfully.

3 responses to “Eagle update

  1. That’s great news Geoff, the smaller one was looking pretty immobile for a while there! : )

  2. Hopefully it is a good year for rabbits to be caught and fed to the babies!

  3. They are coming along nicely!

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