Pardalote production line

by Patrick Kavanagh

The Striated Pardalotes Pardalotus striatus that use a nest box at our place are now feeding their second round of nestlings. I am amazed at how at ease these birds are with a fool on a stepladder wielding a large camera lens 2m from their nest. I am more amazed at the phenomenal amount of food they deliver to their chicks. At least every two minutes a parent arrives at the nest with beak chock full of food. The mind boggles at how the eucalypts would cope without this cleaning service.

Striated Pardalote_14-11-04_14 crop

Striated Pardalote, Strangways, 4th November 2014.

Striated Pardalote_14-11-04_11 crop


Striated Pardalote_14-11-04_2 crop


Striated Pardalote_14-11-04_8



The scene of the action.

5 responses to “Pardalote production line

  1. Lovely photos and story, Patrick. We have some of these delightful little birds nesting in the cavity of our house walls. There has been consistent nesting there for about ten years – guess it is cool, dry and snug at the same time! I am wondering where to find some fancier nest box homes that may encourage the pardalotes into more visible nesting.

  2. Saide – contact Miles Geldard for locally made nest boxes:

  3. Thanks Saide. They certainly make good use of the box. This one was made based on designs in Land For Wildlife news. For our future nest box needs, we’ll be ordering from Miles.

  4. Hi Patrick – looks like a few cup moth caterpillars being feed to their young. I am wondering if a number of birds have started to adapt to eating the cup moth caterpillars given the vast numbers available – I think I have observed Choughs piercing the caterpillar and eating the insides this year. Any thoughts? Chris J – Green Gully

  5. I’d wondered that too when I saw this photo, especially as in past years I’ve had photos of these same birds turning their beaks up at Cup Moth larvae. Would be good to have some more predators on the job – the bush is looking pretty badly hit around our way.

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