Rainbowbirds and pardalotes … again!

The old saying, “Make hay while the sun shines”, applies to birdwatching as well as other pursuits. With Striated Pardalotes nesting and Rainbow Bee-eaters preparing to do so, there are some good opportunities not to be missed.


Striated Pardalotes arriving above the nest tunnel, Newstead Cemetery, 7th November 2014.


A brightly coloured male with a beak full of spiders.


… ditto!


Emerging from the tunnel after another meal delivery.


Rainbow Bee-eater pair with male at front.


Eye-balling the photographer.


Display flights and chasing are part of the courtship ritual.

3 responses to “Rainbowbirds and pardalotes … again!

  1. Wonderful shots Geoff – certainly a busy time in the creek bank there!

  2. Amazing shots Geoff! I have shown your site to our landcare group and they are all following you.

  3. Thanks Bruce – appreciate you ‘crowd-sourcing’ for me! Trust all is well in SA.
    Cheers, geoff

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