Love a duck … or two!

Wood Ducks are an extremely fertile species, often raising large broods when conditions are suitable. While the latter part of this year has been very dry it doesn’t seem to have diminished the local results. This pair, observed on a quiet pool on the Loddon last weekend, has raised seven youngsters. So far so good, although their future is by no means assured. After all, the world is not over-run with Wood Ducks …


Male Wood Duck with two ducklings, Loddon River @ Newstead, 1st November 2014.


The female (at front) – note the larger size and lack of striping through the eye.


The male with all seven ducklings … the female is out of view at the left.


Four of the seven ducklings.

2 responses to “Love a duck … or two!

  1. Are Wood Ducks the same as “maned” geese? Just wondering because my neighbors started feeding what we called maned geese and then we really were over run with them! They stopped feeding them and the world was quiet and empty.

  2. I wonder who has the excess ducklings for food? I saw 12 Wood ducklings being carefully escorted across a current on the Yarra River on Monday by caring parents at Warburton. Amazing parental caring, father in the lead with the female at the back/end. All arrived safely although they seemed to be paddling for all their worth.

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