A little commotion

The arrival of a cuckoo often causes a little commotion amongst other birds. This Horsfield’s Bronze-cuckoo had exactly that effect last weekend at the Newstead Cemetery. A Willy Wagtail gathering nesting material with its partner became quite agitated when the intruder arrived.


Horsfield’ Bronze-cuckoo, Newstead Cemetery, 2nd November 2014.


Note the brick-red iris, rufous in the outer tail feathers, and of course, that gorgeous metallic sheen.


Willie Wagtail – nervous at the arrival of the cuckoo.

2 responses to “A little commotion

  1. Does that mean the Cuckoo is looking for somewhere to lay it’s eggs? and if so, does the Willie Wagtail know this?
    I’m new to this site so don’t know these things. I’m loving my bird fix, it feels like a trip to the country. Thank you.

  2. In loving memory of, the cuckoo! Very gutsy birds the Willy Wagtail. Remarkable timing. Regards, Ken.

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