Red-anther Wallaby Grass

by Patrick Kavanagh

The flowering of the Red-anther Wallaby Grass Rytidosperma pallidum is always a beautiful sight to behold. I’ve always found the delicate red anthers dangling below the flowers a very pleasing sight. Until I discovered the power of high-powered macro photography, I didn’t realise just how beautiful these flowers are. When I took these photos today, I discovered a world of delicate purple and white feather like plumes surrounding the red anthers.

Red Anther Wallaby Grass_14-11-04_9

Red-anther Wallaby Grass, Strangways, 4th November 2014.

red anther wallaby grass 1x stack

The prominent orange-red anthers are visible, even at a distance.

Red Anther Wallaby Grass_14-11-04_6

The flowering of native grasses is a sure sign that Spring is rapidly fading.

6 responses to “Red-anther Wallaby Grass

  1. Macro photography does reveal a whole unseen and beautiful world at times. Thanks for sharing those, Patrick.

  2. This is my favourite grass. I have some in my own bush, but this morning it was prolific as we walked in the Wattle Flat bush, and as it was still fairly early and the sun shining, the red anthers glowed, as the pollen was still intact, especially on the many tussocks along the eastern end of Escape Track.

  3. Lorraine (Boobook)

    Beautiful images.

  4. Just wow! I really didn’t know why it was called red-anther wallaby grass until now – I just knew is overall features and matched that to the name without asking! Patrick these images are fantastic, beautiful and engaging. Thank you so much.

  5. Thanks all!

  6. fabulous photos, I agree with the comments above, fascinating to see with the close up photography. Thanks Patrick

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