Clamouring for attention

The Australian Reed-Warbler is a migrant to the Newstead district. Absent from late autumn to early spring, it arrives to breed in the reed beds along the Loddon River, its tributaries and at Lake Cairn Curran. Growing up I always referred to this species as the Clamorous Reed-Warbler, an apt name for a bird that sings with abandon at the onset of the breeding season.


Australian Reed-Warbler habitat, Loddon River @ Newstead.

Cane Grass and Cumbungi are their preferred habitat – the dense stands provide perfect sites for nest-building, foraging and resting places from which to dart in search of insects. They are a nondescript bird in appearance – their voice is another matter altogether as the following sequence gives some suggestion.


Australian Reed-Warbler, Loddon river @ Newstead, 2nd November 2014.





2 responses to “Clamouring for attention

  1. How gorgeous! Every Natural Newstead post is an inbox treat, but there’s something so special about seeing this bird in action. The world needs as many singers as it can get! Thanks reed warbler, thanks Geoff.

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