Site fidelity

Many birds show great fidelity to nesting places, choosing the same area from year to year, although the exact site may vary. This ‘pair’ of Tawny Frogmouths has nested in much the same spot amongst a copse of Yellow Gums at Clydesdale for a number of years now. Last year’s nest suffered a sad fate, when the branch on which it was located was blown off in a storm. Undeterred the birds have nested in another Yellow Gum nearby, with two downy chicks looking great at the moment. It’s nigh impossible to know for certain that it’s the same pair – the loss of one parent often sees a replacement move in to fill the breech. The offspring are typically ejected from the territory once they reach sexual maturity.


Adult Tawny Frogmouth with two nestlings, Clydesdale, 25th October 2014.


I’m guessing the chicks are less than ten days old.


It’s all a bit tedious really!

3 responses to “Site fidelity

  1. Wish I had a good camera They are soo so cute Last week I was driving home when we stopped to watch a goanna on the the road When it went up the tree we got out of the car Higher up the tree was mum or dad ring tailed possum with baby on its back As the goanna went up the tree the possums were coming down The possums went into a hollow and the goanna went up the other side My niece did not want to watch on INCASE the cute little fluffy thing got eaten

    Mary-Anne Jess Sent from my iPad

  2. Hugh and Sally Mellor

    Aren’t these sweet?

    Sally & Hugh Mellor Blackland Farm, Stewkley, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 0EU


  3. That’s the cutest thing ever!

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