River citizens

Just downstream of the highway bridge over the Loddon at Newstead is always a good spot for birds. At this time of year Sacred Kingfishers, Clamorous Reed-warblers and White-backed Swallows have arrived to breed, joining local residents such as the Rufous Night Herons. These birds can be seen throughout the year, usually three or four individuals together – although it appears numbers may be even healthier, with six seen last Saturday evening.


Rufous Night Heron, Loddon River @ Newstead, 25th October 2014.

They are wary at dusk as they come down from their roosts in the fringing River Red-gums to hunt for aquatic prey along the water’s edge. The adults are a rich, rufous colour above with several slender white plumes arising from the dark grey nape.


See if you can spot the two birds in this photograph.


Adult Rufous Night Heron disturbed from its roost.


Always wary!


Two of the six birds seen on dusk.

One response to “River citizens

  1. lynette amaterstein

    Thank you Geoff, will make a visit there shortly. Great pics.

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