If at first …

Some months back I received a call from a local resident, anxious and distressed due to a Masked Lapwing nesting in their backyard. Apparently it was unsafe to venture out to even hang the washing without being dive-bombed by the stroppy parents. In order to maintain community relations I relocated the nest and eggs, but alas the birds did not resume sitting.

I was pleased therefore, earlier this week, to discover that the pair had successfully nested a second time – this time two chicks have hatched and are currently a little more than a week old. A good result all round!


Masked Lapwing chicks, Panmure St Newstead, 15th October 2014.


One of the chicks with the ever vigilant adult.



3 responses to “If at first …

  1. Margaret McJannett

    thank you for all your very interesting news. We’re not in your area but all the same we hope to get down your way some time.
    Margaret McJannett

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Lynette Amaterstein

    Very good outcome. Saw some in Sydney gardens being tucked under their parents wings when a large bird flew overhead. They are very pretty fledglings.

  3. We too, have experienced the angst of having brooding Lapwings in the backyard – a couple of years back, same Street.
    We relocated the nest a short distance, but unfortunately it was abandoned.
    A good result this time, Geoff.

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