That caps it off!

Despite the dry Spring it seems to have been a successful breeding season for woodland birds – with hopefully a way to go yet. Red-capped Robins are possibly are scarcest local robins, on a par with Hooded Robins – so any evidence of successful breeding is noteworthy.

This pair at Strangways, were attending a nest hidden away amongst a clump of mistletoe in a Red Box Eucalyptus polyanthemos.


Female Red-capped Robin, Strangways, 10th October 2014.


The male Red-capped Robin

Perched at the top of the nest, not long from fledging, were three healthy nestlings. As Patrick and I watched on, the adults made regular visits (every couple of minutes) with food – a smorgasbord of beetles, bugs, moths, flies and other unidentified invertebrates. On each visit, as the parents approached the nest they gave a characteristic wing flick, displaying the prominent white wing-bar that is characteristic of the Petroica robins. This is most likely a signal to the other adult that its partner is nearby.


The nest, with two of the three nestlings visible, secreted in a Mistletoe clump.


The female arriving near the nest with tucker.


An aerial view of the female.

Many thanks to Patrick Kavanagh for locating these birds.

2 responses to “That caps it off!

  1. Hi Geoff Beautiful! Still can’t get over your photography, your observation, and how incredibly blessed we feel to be able to see and read these missives every day! Thank you so much. Looking forward to the January exhibition! Hope Mary is having a wonderful time away, and that you’re not pining away too much! cheers Jane

  2. oh this might just be my new favourite! gorgeous pics thank you

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