Life (on the) Everlasting

by Patrick Kavanagh

A few years ago we spread some local seed of Shining Everlastings Xerochrysum viscosum in our front yard, protected from the keen wallabies. They have prospered and spread rapidly into the bush, where once there had been only a few specimens that had survived the browsing macropods. Now these spectacular flowers host an abundance of life in Spring. Here are some of the insects that I’ve photographed on them over the past couple of days. Day shift included: Long black-nosed Crane Fly Leptotarsus nigrirostris, Small Metallic-banded beeLasioglossum sp.?, Red-banded Seed-eating Bug Melanerythrus mactans, Common Bush Fly Musca vetustissima and a Meat Ant.

Long Black-nosed Crane Fly_14-10-10_2 crop

Long Black-nosed Crane Fly

Native bee - Lasioglossum_14-10-12_5 crop

Small Metallic-banded Bee

Bug on everlasting_14-10-10_5 crop

Red-banded Seed-eating Bug

Fly on everlasting_14-10-10_2 crop

Common Bush-fly

Meat Ant on Everlasting_14-10-12_2 crop

Meat Ant on Everlasting

And by night: Golden Blowfly Calliphora sp. – sleeping rather than feeding, and a Black-headed Sugar Ant Camponotus nigriceps.

fly stack 5 crop

Golden Blow-fly

Sugar Ant on Everlasting_14-10-09_2

Sugar Ant

I’d appreciate any corrections to my attempts at identification.

8 responses to “Life (on the) Everlasting

  1. Dear Geoff,

    At what time of year did you sow your seeds, please?


    • Hi Jeanne, I think we sowed them pretty well as soon as we collected them – so summer if I recall correctly.


  2. Jannine Bennett

    Our garden in Walmer is full of these flowers as well, great pics

  3. Not a Meat ant, but another of our most conspicuous large daytime foragers – the Golden-flumed sugar ant (Camponotus suffusus).

  4. I love all those varieties of insects. They make great series of photos. Thanks Geoff for a pleasurable 5 mins in the middle of the working week.

  5. Oops. Thanks Patrick. Clodagh

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