A nice pair of trousers

I’m following the fortunes of a number of pairs of local Wedge-tailed Eagles at the moment. These two nestlings, pictured below, are developing the first traces of immature plumage and beginning to lose that white, downy look. They’ll develop quite quickly now, with regular feeding visits from the adults. The local rabbits should be getting pretty nervous.


Wedge-tailed Eagles nestlings, Newstead area, 10th October 2014.

The feathered legs, typical of the true eagles, were on show as one of the nestlings walked around the nest – what a nice pair of trousers!


Flexing those flight muscles.


The second chick getting restless.


Adult Wedge-tailed Eagle – at 500 metres!


A classic Newstead sunset.

2 responses to “A nice pair of trousers

  1. Love the wedge pic’s but – where do you buy a sunset like that?

  2. Just lovely, missing home very much now!

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