A lizard for lunch

Quiet begging sounds from next door’s Grey Shrike-thrush nest is a sign that the eggs are now nestlings, frequent visits from the parents with food are confirmation. The nestlings must still be quite small – one of the adults spent time today refurbishing the inside of the nest, as the youngsters inside cried for food.


Adult Grey-shrike Thrush on the nest, Wyndham St Newstead, 5th October 2014.

The parents were arriving with a selection of different meals – this visit saw a small skink on the menu. The stump of the skink’s tail a sign that this time it was not so lucky in evading a predator!


The demise of a small skink means another hearty meal for the nestlings.


This time it’s a cup moth caterpillar.

One response to “A lizard for lunch

  1. I remembered one time seeing a Thrush with first a really big huntsman and then a small brown snake very wriggly for the babies in the nest!

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