Switching to red gum

Musk Lorikeets, together with Purple-crowned and Little Lorikeets have enjoyed a reasonable flowering season in the local bush. With Yellow Gum Eucalyptus leucoxylon flowering coming to a close they are switching their attention to other food sources. Yesterday, I encountered a small flock feeding on lerp, in the River Red-gums along the Loddon River.


Musk Lorikeet feeding on lerp, Loddon River @ Newstead, 3rd October 2014


The sharp beak and muscular tongue are ideal for gleaning food from eucalypt leaves.


The birds were oblivious to my presence, feeding low in the branches.

Lerp provides a crucial source of sugar, together with some protein for lorikeets and honeyeaters over the summer. To learn more about lerp insects click here.

2 responses to “Switching to red gum

  1. Do you do any bird guiding around Newstead Geoff? It looks like a great spot to spend a day. Regards, Steven Creber

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