A kingfisher or three

As our resident Laughing Kookburras pair up and think about nesting, they’ve been joined by their smaller, migratory cousins.


Laughing Kookaburras, Loddon River @ Newstead, 3rd October 2014.

Sacred Kingfishers have arrived again from their northern wintering grounds – their harsh contact calls a welcome noise along the river and in the bush. I spotted my first pair for the season mid-week, at a small forest dam at Campbelltown, then came across another pair at lunchtime along the Loddon. The one pictured below was seen late in the day at Green Gully.


Sacred Kingfisher, Green Gully, 3rd October 2014.





2 responses to “A kingfisher or three

  1. Thanks again for your prolific post’s, Geoff…. not only of the avian specimens, but your knowledge of local flora also.
    The ‘Sacred’ is an old favorite from other climes, but none the less, one I look forward to seeing at this time of year..

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