Sunny spring days …

… mean sun orchids!

There is a spot on the way to Campbelltown, in the Sandon State Forest, where Scented Sun-orchids Thelymitra megcalyptra, can be found in profusion at this time of year.


Scented Sun-orchid, Sandon State Forest near Campbelltown, 30th September 2014.


Sun-orchids are at their best on sunny afternoons – the flowers close up in overcast conditions.

Many of the sun-orchids generate a faint scent, apparently to attract pollinators such as native bees and wasps. This patch of flowers was certainly popular with insects, including hover-flies, ants, bees, and even the odd beetle.


Hover-fly visiting one of the flowers.


This half-open flower has attracted a beetle.

One response to “Sunny spring days …

  1. Excellent images! I too have been out enjoying these beautiful orchids. Love the shot with the beetle nestled in the cup of the flower.

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