Watching young kites

I’ve been seeing immature Black-shouldered Kites throughout winter – it makes me wonder if they might not now be breeding almost year round in the district. Numbers are somewhat lower than a couple of years back following the floods, but I generally see a few birds on most outings.


Immature Black-shouldered Kite, Shiell’s Lane, Moolort Plains, 27th September 2014.


The rufous markings on the neck indicate an immature bird.


For some reason I always think of that 60s TV show ‘The Flying Nun’ when this pose is struck!


It’s glorious watching them hunting in the afternoon glow.

2 responses to “Watching young kites

  1. Alex hope your might enjoy this natural treasure!


  2. Alex Shackleton

    Thank you for the link Virginia, greatly appreciated. Great images of a little local.

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