A selection from the palette

Here is a sample of what’s on offer in the Muckleford bush at the moment, all taken in the area to the west of Mia Mia Track on the 28th September. Late September rain has arrived just in time – the next fortnight should have the things looking terrific again.


Common Beard-heath Leucopogon virgatus


Grey Parrot-pea Dillwynia sericea


Cat’s claw Grevillea Grevillea alpina


Drumsticks Pycnosorus globosus


Spiky Guinea-flower Hibbertia exutiacies


Musky or Hooded Caladenia … what do you reckon?

3 responses to “A selection from the palette

  1. I’d be betting on Hooded Caladenia Caladenia cucullata. (that is if the Viridans plant database has got it right)

  2. Lynette Amaterstein

    Our bush looks beautiful Geoff. Can’t wait to have a walk when we get home from Italy.

  3. Geraldine Harris

    My guess would be a Musky Caladenia (Caladenia gracilis) as I find they usually have just a blush of colour on the tip of the labellum while Hooded Caladenia (Caladenia cucullata) have a definite dark purple tip.
    Geraldine Harris

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