Life in macro

by Patrick Kavanagh

Looking closely at a Long-leafed Box sucker yesterday, I was amazed at how much life was on one small sprig. Day shift included some mating Eucalypt Leaf Beetles (Paropsis sp. perhaps), a leafhopper nymph and the ubiquitous cup Moth Lava consuming the leaves at great pace. Evening shift included Black-headed Sugar Ants (Camponotus nigriceps) stumbling across small leafhoppers(?) and more mating beetles.

beetles mating_14-09-27_1

Eucalypt leaf beetles I

beetles mating 2_14-09-27_2 crop

Eucalypt leaf beetles II


Leafhopper nymph


Cup Moth larva

Sugar ant_14-09-27_1

Sugar Ant

Weevils_14-09-27_1 crop

Mating weevils

2 responses to “Life in macro

  1. I was just sent a link to your amazing site. Great work.
    I have recently started a much more humble site about our magpies.

  2. All I can say is WOW;

    I have managed to get some of this but not like this.

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