Crazy, mixed up …

This pair of rosellas are currently tending a nesting hollow, in one of the elms in our street.

Can you spot what’s not quite right?


Rosella pair, Wyndham St Newstead, 23rd September 2014.

The bird on the left is clearly an adult Crimson Rosella, while its partner has a mix of Eastern and Crimson Rosella features. It’s not unusual for the two species to interbreed, especially where their preferred habitats intersect. The Eastern Rosella likes open country, while the Crimson Rosella tends to be found in denser woodland and forest. Townships, such as Newstead, are often a zone of overlap for these beautiful parrots.


Adult Crimson Rosella.


Adult crimson x eastern hybrid.

6 responses to “Crazy, mixed up …

  1. White cheek patch is not right

  2. And greenish feathers on back in an adult

  3. Crazy & mixed up, indeed.
    Unfortunately after 25yrs of continuous use (so I’m told) we have had to evict a returning pair of Crimson Rosella’s from our roof space.
    As we rely on a constant supply of electricity, and the Crimson Rosella’s do have penchant for stripping electrical cable, the twain cannot meet.
    It is a sad day, but we hope they can find a more ‘natural’ abode close by, for this and ensuing breeding seasons.
    Perhaps, a friendly pair of Eastern’s, could offer to share, trees at least.

  4. how about providing a nearby nest box for them? Do you think they’d go for it?

    • Yes a nesting box is a possibility, given time, this has only just happened in the last 24hrs. There are ample trees in the vicinity, but I imagine finding the perfect hollow is the key.

  5. Hi Nancy – they certainly use nest boxes but I’m happy for them to use the elms – just another example of birds adapting to modified environments. Nest boxes are a great thing to do, especially for the smaller birds such as pardalotes, owlet nightjars, and of course bats.

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