Woodland favourite

The Jacky Winter is a favourite of mine. They are confiding and active, spending much of their time pursuing insects from low perches. Interestingly, for a bird that spends much of its time close to the ground, they generally make their nests high up. This one was just putting the finishing touches on a new nest, situated in a narrow fork in a Grey Box. The nest site was about six metres up.


Jacky Winter with nesting material, Green Gully area, 20th September 2014.


Furnishing the nest.


A sapling Grey Box is the chosen site.


The nest is almost complete.

2 responses to “Woodland favourite

  1. Interesting that the nest is on dead wood. We humans might think that made it precarious, but my observation is that dead limbs don’t fall off trees as often as live ones. Some trees keep their dead limbs for decades. Well-spotted and great photos as usual.

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