Spring … blink and you’ll miss it!

Spring can be a bit fluky around Newstead. A lack of early spring rain is causing the local bush to dry off faster than has been the case in the past few years. I’d urge you to get out and enjoy it while you can.


Yam Daisy, Fence Track, Muckleford State Forest, 16th September 2014.


One of the first of the Waxlip Orchids.


Pink Bells near Demo Track, Muckleford State Forest.


Gorse Bitter-pea – there are some spectacular displays in the bush north of Newstead.


Red Wattlebirds feeding young.

6 responses to “Spring … blink and you’ll miss it!

  1. I can’t make up my mind which I enjoy more the spring flora or the baby birds and their families both are bring such joy.

  2. Great photos Geoff! Brian and I walk a lot in Paddys Ranges and on average we are seeing about 26 varieties at present.

  3. It;s a treat to see such good shots of the beautiful wild flowers around Newstead. As children we would find quite a variety of them, along the bush track at the top of, what used to be called MacLaren’s hill ( on the Newstead – Maldon road.

  4. Yes, it is dry here too. Looking back at last year’s photos, there were many more orchids flowering by now. We’ve just spotted our first Waxlip yesterday, and I hope a few more begin to open soon. Lisa

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