Cuckoos and caterpillars #2

From almost the precise spot where I observed the Fan-tailed Cuckoo take a caterpillar, an immature Pallid Cuckoo did the same trick. This time it looked like a cup-moth larva was the victim.


Immature Pallid Cuckoo, Clydesdale, 6th September 2014.

Pallid Cuckoos have just returned in the past ten days, they are usually the last of the migrating cuckoos to arrive from northern climes. You can hear their mournful voice, typically an ascending eight-note call, that carries long distances in the still air.


The mottled upper parts signify an immature bird.


Note the cloudy appearance of the eye as the third eyelid, or nicitating membrane, comes across as the cuckoo swallows the larva.


Timing is everything.

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