Double trouble …

… coming up for the local rabbit population!


Wedge-tailed Eagle nest, Newstead area, 6th September 2014.

The white fluffy shape in this massive nest is not one, but …


One of the eaglets.

… two tiny eaglets – nestling Wedge-tailed Eagles.


Here are the nestlings – perhaps two weeks old?

The nest site is high up in a Grey Box tree with a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside.


The nest site in a towering Grey Box.

This species is undergoing a real resurgence, with a numerous pairs to be found in the Newstead district. Rabbits make up a large proportion of their diet, up to 90% in some areas, although they adjust their hunting to prey availability.

Wedge-tailed Eagles were persecuted for many years for supposedly killing lambs. Bounties were offered for dead eagles, and large numbers were poisoned or shot – 147,237 in Western Australia in 1928 -1968 and 162,430 in Queensland in 1951-1966.

Thankfully times have changed and this species is now almost universally revered.

3 responses to “Double trouble …

  1. Fantastic photo but how did you get to look across into that nest? Climbing trees? Very tall jumps?

  2. lynette amaterstein

    What a treat . Thanks Geoff for the great photo. Yes how did you see into the nest? Maybe an air balloon?

  3. Brilliant nest photo. How did you get that high?

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