Common … but strikingly beautiful!

While this species may be correctly known as the Common Bronzewing, the name hardly seems fitting for such an astonishingly beautiful bird.

The fading afternoon light is when it comes into its own, with the wing coverts a metallic mixture of green, gold, crimson and blue depending on the angle of the sun’s rays.


Female Common Bronzewing, Rotunda Park Newstead, 6th September 2014.


Male Common Bronzewing.

The male is more richly coloured than the female, with a creamy-buff forehead, chestnut nape and grey shoulders prominent. It’s breeding season and there is lots of activity as the bronzewings pair up and start courting.


The male in pursuit of the female.


Courting Common Bronzewings.

One response to “Common … but strikingly beautiful!

  1. I agree. The nearest I come to this beauty of colour-tone and shape, in Williamstown, is the daily sighting of Indian Turtle doves. I find them gentle and soft looking birds, the antithesis of the very common Indian Mynas which are rambunctious and dominating but, I like the way they hop along.
    Still arranging a time to work with my brother, Greg on framing some of Dad’s prints. Enjoying your great photographs. Ken.

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