A sound of spring

While the Mistletoebird is a common local resident, it only becomes obvious in spring. The distinctive voice is clear and penetrating, described by Pizzey as having a … ‘glancing, splintered quality’.

In my mind, its lovely calls, often made from within clumps of mistletoe, are associated with the first warm September days. They are common in the Newstead township, with abundant mistletoe on our Yellow Gums providing a never-ending food supply.


Male Mistletoebird, Spring Hill Track, 3rd September 2014.





Reference: Graham Pizzey & Frank Knight (2012), The Field Guide to the Birds of Australia 9th Edition (edited by Sarah Pizzey), Harper Collins.

One response to “A sound of spring

  1. Just saw my first ever Mistletoe bird in the West MacDonnell ranges! Perhaps now I’ll see some closer to home soon – Chris

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