More action in the garden

There is plenty to see in the garden at the moment. Geordie, our observant neighbour, spotted this Grey Shrike-thrush building a nest. The site is a little exposed at the moment but will soon be obscured by vine leaves. It’s a similar spot to that used last season.


Grey Shrike-thrush on nest, Wyndham St Newstead, 31st August 2014.

A small flock of Red-browed Firetails visits the garden on a regular basis. I’m not sure where they nest, but likely to be a small colony of nests in a dense, prickly shrub nearby.


Red-browed Firetail – one of the local flock.

The fairy-wrens love the cover of the Hedge Saltbush. As the weather warms this plant also attracts a myriad of insects – perfect tucker for breeding wrens.


Female Superb Fairy-wren.


The male showing off.

One response to “More action in the garden

  1. Ditto in our garden Geoff, with all three birds.

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