A short galah story

I meant to post this a while back … better late than never.

This snippet started on the 9th September when I spotted a Galah carrying a spray of eucalypt leaves – out on the plains west of Picnic Point. Galahs line their nests with gum leaves – this one, a female, was on a mission it seems.


Galah with spray of Grey Box leaves, Moolort Plains, 9th August 2014.


Heading to the hollow.

A couple of weeks later I encountered the pair, this time visiting their nest site in the same dead tree made ‘famous’ by my favourite Nankeen Kestrels. While I didn’t actually see them enter the hollow it was evident from their behaviour that they were tending an active nest.


At the nest site, 23rd August 2014.


Female Galahs have a pink eye ring.


Happy landings ahead!

2 responses to “A short galah story

  1. We regularly have flocks of galahs visit our place and I am very fond of these gregarious and very social birds. At the moment these grey and pink beauties are more often seen in pairs rather than flocks, but I have not yet found a nest!

  2. These are beautiful photos -so clear!

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