The falcon and the tiercel

The Peregrine Falcon is an extraordinary bird and every encounter is memorable. The male falcon, also known as a tiercel, is much smaller than the female. As a consequence the males tend to take smaller prey, leaving larger items for the more robust and powerful female. In our area Galahs are a favourite target of Peregrines, probably too large for the tiercel – I like to imagine starlings, mynahs and sparrows are on the menu for the lesser half!


Male Peregrine Falcon, Newstead area, 24th August 2014.


The tiercel (at left) welcoming back the female Peregrine.


In level glide.


The female Peregrine braking as it approaches the perch.


The female at the perch.


Another view of the tiercel.

3 responses to “The falcon and the tiercel

  1. Dear Geoff I would like to pass your blog onto a friend. Sue is a keen bird photographer and I’m sure she would enjoy your site I certainly do. I am not a photographer but a bird watcher. What is the best way to share your blog with her. I was given your address by Susie Smith earlier this year. Regards Jude Ebsworth

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    • Hi Jude – the best way is for them to subscribe by popping their email address in the box just below the banner at the top.
      Cheers, geoff

  2. lynette amaterstein

    Thanks Geoff for these great photos.

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