In black and white

Today was dominated by black and white birds.

These two immature Black-shouldered Kites were spotted out on the plains, with one of the parents nearby. They look to be just fledged, leading me to suspect they are the result of a winter breeding effort.


Immature Black-shouldered Kite, Moolort Plains, 23rd August 2014.


Bugger … missed the shot!

A distant view of one of our resident White-bellied Sea-eagles, dispatching what appeared to be a carp, was perhaps the highlight of my visit to the lake. I wish it had come as close as this Australian Pelican.


Australian Pelican, Cairn Curran, 23rd August 2014.


White-bellied Sea-eagle, Cairn Curran Reservoir, 23rd August 2014.

Postscript: Thanks to fellow nature blogger, Duncan Fraser of Ben Cruachan, for a nice enhancement to the image of the immature Black-shouldered Kites.

Black-shouldered Kites - take II.

Black-shouldered Kites – take II.

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