Golden moments

If you spend a little time in the bush you see some extraordinary sights.

I found this Eastern Yellow Robin nest earlier in the week in Mia Mia. I located the nest from quite a distance – both adults were actively feeding and calling around the next site, with one (presumably the female) searching for insects on the ground before returning at regular intervals to incubate the two eggs inside.


Eastern Yellow Robin (female) on nest, Mia Mia Track, 20th August 2014.

I positioned myself at a responsible distance and watched as the robins went about their business. The sitting female received food from the male on a number of occasions. Each visit was fleeting – the female attracting the attention of the male, perched nearby with a morsel in its bill, by rapid beating of the wings and beautiful, soft sweet calls.


Upon spotting the male with food the female went into a frenzy of wing fluttering, accompanied by a succession of soft piping calls.

This behaviour is typical of many birds during both the courtship and nesting phase – it’s just that we rarely get the opportunity to witness it.


The male feeding the female at the nest.


The male at the nest – the female is obscured, sitting on the nest.


The female returning to the nest.

2 responses to “Golden moments

  1. Helen Schofield

    Your nature blog is the best! Thank you

  2. Lovely observations Geoff! And well told.

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