An object of beauty

Its early days but, birds are starting to make nests and some have already commenced egg-laying.

This beautiful nest belongs to an Eastern Yellow Robin – I spotted it a week back in the early stages of construction. What a wonderful structure, stitched together with slender twigs, decorated with pieces of stringybark and lichen, and lined with eucalypt leaves.


Eastern Yellow Robin nest, Muckleford State Forest, 19th August 2014.

It’s now complete, with the first egg of the clutch in place. Many birds don’t start incubating fully until all the eggs have been laid. Eastern Yellow Robins usually lay two eggs, sometimes three.


The first egg, most likely laid earlier that day.


The usual clutch size is two, sometimes three – it will be interesting to follow this one’s progress.

2 responses to “An object of beauty

  1. Geoff, aren’t they so diligent and disciplined?

  2. Absolutely beautiful. 🙂

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