It’s orchid time … again

It’s early Spring, with just a touch more warmth than we’ve experienced since late May.

In the bush the first of the wildflowers are starting to appear, including the orchids. Cyanicula caerulea used to be Caladenia caerulea, but a change of scientific name means that this is now the only species in this family to be found in the eastern states. The remaining members, about a dozen in all, are restricted to Western Australia. This lovely orchid is still commonly known as the Blue Caladenia, in a nod to past nomenclature.


Blue Caladenia, Spring Hill Track, 19th August 2014.


A flowering Cyanicula caerulea, with two unopened flowers in the background.

Leopard Orchids Diuris pardina appear to be flowering a little earlier this year than the past few years – somewhat surprising as it seems to have been a bitterly cold winter.


The first of the Leopard Orchids have arrived a little earlier this season.

Early Nancy Wurmbea dioica really is a harbinger of Spring – its been flowering for a few weeks now and will continue to do so until late September.


Early Nancy, Spring Hill Track, 19th August 2014.

6 responses to “It’s orchid time … again

  1. Helen Schofield

    Every Early Nancy flower I have seen so far this year (You Yangs, Brisbane Ranges, Anglesea, Inverleigh, etc) has been a male flower. Do they come out first?

  2. Hi Helen, I think all the ones I saw yesterday were male from memory – I’ll have a closer look later today if time allows. Must admit I’d forgotten about the sex differences … will make a good story for the blog. Thanks for the prompt!
    Cheers, geoff

  3. Gillian Trahair

    Thankyou for your wonderful photos . They are a joy for me to find every day ! I don’t know how you do it but I am grateful . Best wishes Gill Trahair

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Thanks Gill – Its all fun and relaxation for me so pleased to hear others, like yourself, enjoy it too. All the best, geoff

  5. lynette amaterstein

    Beautiful photos Geoff, I feel that Spring is on its way looking at these orchids. Thankyou again for your time.

  6. Nice pic’s Geoff, a little further north we have Choughs, Magpie larks, WB Scrub Wrens, New Hollands and a few others that are a bit more coy, all sitting on or busy feeding at their nests around our property. Spring has sprung!!

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