Natural puzzle #16

Seen in the front yard this morning … with its more colourful mate. Any ideas?

It's a ...

It’s a …


Here’s the solution – an adult female Red-rumped Parrot.

6 responses to “Natural puzzle #16

  1. red rump hen

  2. OK I’m seriously impressed a) by the photography and b) by Dave’s knowledge but given my general ignorance help me by showing the rest of the bird please. Moira

  3. you beat me to it Dave … and i came last in yesterdays quiz! beautiful photo Geoff.

  4. lynette amaterstein

    Can we see the bird please Geoff. Would be good for us amateurs.

  5. Hi Lynette – its there under the mystery image … you may need to look at it in your browser rather than email. Cheers, geoff

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