Help with crosswords

Here’s one for all the crossword aficionados.

Poking around on the Moolort Plains over the weekend I came across a ‘siege of herons’ – fourteen White-necked Herons Ardea pacifica, resting beside a small farm dam.

Leaving the car spooked them of course, so the best I could manage was ten in one frame. It’s not unusual to see this species in small winter flocks, but I can’t recall a siege of this magnitude for a while!


White-necked Herons, Moolort Plains, 9th August 2014.


As their scientific name suggests, this species is also commonly known as the Pacific Heron.


A minor siege.

Postscript: Check out this neat link to the US Geological Survey on animal congregations.


2 responses to “Help with crosswords

  1. A siege?? Of herons in glenrowan surely!. Is it true that’s what you call a group of them? Collective nouns can be so marvellously descriptive and a bit weird at the same time! Regards Jo

  2. What striking birds! I think I will add them to some of my favourites, the Hooded Robin and the Dusky Wood Swallow.


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