Caspian moments

What a wonderful variety of birds we have on offer around Newstead. The Caspian Tern evokes images of the seaside, but they are very much an inland species as well. This first individual was spotted yesterday at Cairn Curran Reservoir, resting in the shallows near where the old highway crosses the lake bed.


Caspian Tern, Cairn Curran Reservoir, 9th August 2014.

I spotted the second on a rare visit to Tullaroop Reservoir. It was making a repeated fishing pattern, along the western shore – one sortie was successful as the final distant image reveals.


Caspian Tern, Tullaroop Reservoir, 9th August 2014.


About to strike – I


About to strike – II


A successful dive – distant view of the Caspian Tern with its spoils.

2 responses to “Caspian moments

  1. I agree it does seem odd to see them inland if we don’t think about it, but we saw 9 recently at Lake Coongie in the far north of South Australia, and I’ve seen then at Menindee in the past, and they’re always great to see. That’s a reasonable size catch the last bird has too.

  2. lynette amaterstein

    A beautiful bird to watch in flight. thanks Geoff.

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